5 Make-up Trends for 2017/2018

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we give our students the skills to be able to create the latest trends in hair and makeup. With NY Fashion Week around the corner, here are some of the trends that are going to be hitting the runways late fall 2017/early winter 2018:

  • Tribal: neon and tribal drawings all around the eyes and face! Animal Magnetism!

  • Maximum Minimalist: minimum eye color, nude lip and natural skin – natural beauty!!

  • Lash Out! Over-sized eye-lashes are going to be all the rage. Make sure you put them on top and bottom!

  • Goth is Back!! Black and dark all around the eyes and lips with pale skin! Goth is Grand!

  • Graphic Liner: No longer for just the eyelash! Liner is going to be worn high, arched and dramatic!

To learn how to achieve these amazing, trendy looks as a cosmetologist, visit https://mitsusatohairacademy.com/