The Best Reasons to Attend Mitsu Sato Hair Academy

Attend Mitsu Sato Hair Academy in get to know yourself a little bit better. There are many reasons why Mitsu Sato continues to be the choice beauty school in the area. We’re going to name a few of those reasons on this blog. Are you ready? Good. Curl up those lashes and strut those heels. We’re giving the best reasons to join us here at Mitsu Sato.

Attend Mitsu Sato, Vidal Sassoon Certified

Do you know what it means to graduate from a Vidal Sassoon certified school? It means a great curriculum, a great network, and a great community of alumni that are willing to help you out in your career. That, right there, is a great reason.

Kansas City Fashion Week

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The fact that there is a local, but internationally recognized fashion week in own hometown is a sign of of KC’s contribution in the fashion world. Not only do Mitsu Sato students get to participate in the event, they are a big part of it! As sponsors, Mitsu Sato provides its students the opportunity to be a great part of the bi-annual event. Work closely with models and other makeup artists making some great connections and lifelong friends.

Stellar Financial Aid

There are many scholarships available for students looking into Mitsu Sato. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help guide you in the craziness of FAFSA forms, scholarship applications, or VA loans.

Lifelong Friends

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Make the best of friends here. Mitsu Sato students all have one big thing in common- love of beauty! This allows for our students to find something to bond about. Spending long days can be taxing, but the experiences allow for you to bond and learn from one another.

Finish Your Course

It has been in the news lately. Here, you will graduate. We have the backing. There are no corporate strings that will pull us away from our passion, or yours. Have the confidence in knowing that your hard earned money and your future career is secured with us.

As you come to know Mitsu Sato, you will for sure add to these your own reasons why Mitsu Sato is the best. Call ahead and take a took and see what you can become. Mitsu Sato is truly the best and that makes a great Holiday present.