Become Skin’s Biggest Celeb at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, you can start your career toward becoming one of skin’s biggest celebrities – whether that’s in KC, Chicago, N.Y. or L.A. Is there success in skin? Take a look at three of the most famous estheticians in Hollywood – and their famous clients!

  • Chanel Jenae (Arcona Studio): Facialist, Herbalist and co-owner of Arcona Skin in Santa Monica. Legend has it that she can “massage cheekbones into even the most tired jet-lagged faces.” She uses fruit-based products to lift and sculpt. Everyone from Maria Menounos to Rachel Zoe are clients.

  • Terri Lawton (Terri Lawton Skincare and Age Management). Everyone from Rachel Weisz to Michelle Williams comes to Terri for her purifying and cell-regenerating facials – complete with an amazing scalp massage.

  • Olga Lorencin (Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa). Her “Red Carpet Facial” is famous in the Hollywood scene and winner of “Allure” magazine’s Best of Beauty Award with clients including Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel and Halle Berry.

Estheticians can work in day spas, dermatologist or plastic surgeon offices, health clubs, salons or private practice. Students in the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy’s Esthetics program will learn how to treat skin that might be plagued with one of many common concerns, such as acne, fine-lines, wrinkles, lack of “glow” and hyper-pigmentation.

Whether you are a celebrity in Hollywood or in your household, the skin is the first thing people see. Therefore, once someone has confidence in her skin, it carries over into to other areas of life!

If you want to be the one shining the spotlight on skin, then check out information about the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy’s Esthetics, Cosmetology and MUD Programs at