The Best Makeup Artist Blogs to Follow

The competition for the best makeup artist blogs is pretty tight. With advent of Snapchat and Instagram, blogs need to be witty and worth it for the readers. Here are some tried and tested blogs by makeup artists, or gals considered to be one.

Beauty is Boring

best makeup artist robin black
PC: Beauty is Boring


That’s a misleading title. Robin Black is known not only as a makeup artist, but also for her editorial work for big name magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire. In her blog, you’ll see beautiful pictures, videos, and tutorials on how to achieve that fierce look.

If Lorde, Eva Mendes, and Olivia Wilde can trust Robin, then so can you.

Life with Me

best makeup artist blogs marianna hewitt
PC: Life With Me


Los Angeles seems to have it all. That’s where you’ll find Marianna Hewitt. She blogs about Kylie Jenner’s lips, manicures, and of course, makeup. She has this whole section about food that’ll make your mouth water and beauty tips to get you crazy about beauty.

To be the one of the best makeup artist blogs, you got to branch out and keep your readers interested. Hewitt certainly does a great job of doing that!

Tanya Burr

best makeup artist blogs tanya burr

PC: Tanya Burr

From across the pond, Tanya Burr has captivated the hearts of her audience almost encyclopedic knowledge of beauty brands and products. Something that you’ll see tied to the best makeup artist blogs is a new travel section they seem to be flaunting around.

Miss Maven

Best Makeup Artist blogs Teni Panosian
PC : Miss Maven


While she is no real makeup artist, Miss Maven Teni Panosia will say that she has a great knack for makeup tricks. What sticks out is her amicable way of talking to you in her blog. She talks like how a girl friend would talk about her escapades! Like Hewitt, she is based in Los Angeles and lives the kind of lifestyle we can only read about in these beauty blogs.

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