Mitsu Sato Q&A with Hair Academy Instructor Debbie

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, our instructors are not only amazing teachers, but they also bring a wealth of real-world, hands-on experience to our students. Today we’re talking with Debbie, one of our amazing instructors, about her experience and insights. Mitsu: What’s the best part about being an instructor at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy? Debbie: … Continued

Game of Thrones: Hair of Thrones!

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we bring art and beauty together. Many times that means bringing skills and pop culture together! Arguably, Game of Thrones is one of the most successful pop culture events that brings drama, fashion and hair together in the most dramatic of ways! Check out these amazing tutorials for creating your … Continued

3 of Our Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we not only create skilled professionals, we create business people. Some of our favorite beauty business gurus on YouTube either started out as professional hair/make-up artists and/or were simply bonkers about beauty! And, if you’re serious about beauty, then you, too, can turn your passion into profits! Here are some … Continued

5 Make-up Trends for 2017/2018

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we give our students the skills to be able to create the latest trends in hair and makeup. With NY Fashion Week around the corner, here are some of the trends that are going to be hitting the runways late fall 2017/early winter 2018: Tribal: neon and tribal drawings all … Continued

Mitsu Sato Q&A with Hair Academy Student Do-Gooder

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we have a wonderfully diverse and bright group of students and instructors.  Although all our students share our belief that beauty is an art form, each has a very unique story. Recently, Mitsu Sato asked Summer, a student at the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy for six weeks, about her story. … Continued

Former Mitsu Sato Client Julia Louis-Dreyfus Makes EMMY Hairstory!

I am absolutely thrilled that my former client, the amazingly talented and stylish Julia Louis-Dreyfus just earned her 23rd EMMY nomination! After last year’s 5th consecutive win for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her hilarious lead role in “VEEP,” Julia surpassed Candace Bergen and the legendary Mary Tyler Moore for the most Best Actress … Continued

Become Skin’s Biggest Celeb at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, you can start your career toward becoming one of skin’s biggest celebrities – whether that’s in KC, Chicago, N.Y. or L.A. Is there success in skin? Take a look at three of the most famous estheticians in Hollywood – and their famous clients! Chanel Jenae (Arcona Studio): Facialist, Herbalist and … Continued

Sizzlin’ Summer Make Up Tips

When you join the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, you will learn all of the latest techniques, styles and trends – whether that be hair or makeup. Here are four amazing tips for creating summer looks that will heat up the pool, picnic, bonfire or lake!   The Kissed Eye: if you left your lipstick in … Continued

“Wonder Woman” is our Shero of Summer Style

When you think of strong, beautiful sheroes in our lifetime, I bet one of the first to pop in your head is Wonder Woman. We at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy believe in the art of beauty, empowerment, style and individuality!  So, it’s not surprising to us that the first big screen adaptation of “Wonder Woman” … Continued

Hot Summer Hairstyles

Who wants to spend loads of time on hair when there’s so much frolicking to be had this summer?! At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, our professionals teach our students the latest techniques and tips to make you feel like a summer Goddess!   Here are our votes for the sassiest summer ‘dos that are easy … Continued