Make Your Hair Healthier by Using Hair Oils

Hair oils are great for taking care of your hair. They can get deep into your scalp and strands lubricating and sealing the nutrients your hair needs to become healthy. The biggest benefits that hair oils provides are all the fatty acids that replace lipids in your hair. Hair oils both lubricate and seal. They … Continued

What is Hair Serum and How Do You Use It?

Hair Serum can do a lot to maintain the glow and shine of your hair. For those with curly or frizzy hair, the product works to prevent your hair from getting tangled by coating the strands of hair. Its popularity has expanded so much that there are now many brands for customers to try and … Continued

Why Natural Nail Care is Important

Natural nail care is important especially is you use your hands a lot for work. Whether you work at an office or out getting your hands dirty, your nail will take quite a beating. Part of feeling confident about yourself is found in how your nail is kept. Using a regular nail kit, you can … Continued

The Best Makeup Artist Blogs to Follow

The competition for the best makeup artist blogs is pretty tight. With advent of Snapchat and Instagram, blogs need to be witty and worth it for the readers. Here are some tried and tested blogs by makeup artists, or gals considered to be one. Beauty is Boring   That’s a misleading title. Robin Black is … Continued

Have a Sweet Career Post-Beauty School

Even before classes are over, you are thinking of your career post-beauty school. There’s a ton of girls in my class, you’re thinking, and we all can’t work at the same place. Moving out of state means you need to get a license from that state. But what if there is something that you can … Continued

Make Friends at Beauty School for Life

Looking to see if hair design, cosmetology, esthetics, nail tech and makeup classes are for you? Sometimes it is the experience and the people that make it or break it. Making friends a beauty school is the way to go. Here are three reasons why. Same Interests If you have common interests, like hair, makeup … Continued

Which Type of Hair Academy Student Are You?

As a beauty school student, there are many reasons why you chose to be in this industry. Hopefully one of the reasons is that you love making yourself and others feel beautiful and confident about their looks. These different reasons are what makes the beauty industry great and well worth the time and investment. Just for … Continued

Here are Four Reasons to Wear Bangs This Fall

Bangs. Fringe. Whatever you decide to call it, you should wear bangs this Fall. It is true that when a woman changes her hair she is going through something. That something can be something good. Amazing. Spectacular! Recently, bangs have been making a comeback and you can pull it off because of these four reasons. … Continued

How to Get Ready for that Beauty School Application

It’s the beginning of the school year for many. This is one of the busiest times for school as students want to align their schedules with their friends. You’re on Mitsu Sato Hair Academy’s website and are ready to fill out that beauty school application. Then you realize, you are not ready! You freak out … Continued