How to Get Ready for that Beauty School Application

It’s the beginning of the school year for many. This is one of the busiest times for school as students want to align their schedules with their friends. You’re on Mitsu Sato Hair Academy’s website and are ready to fill out that beauty school application. Then you realize, you are not ready! You freak out … Continued

Get Ready for Kansas City Fashion Week

Mitsu Sato Hair Academy has been participating at Kansas City Fashion Week for the past 6 years. We put up a booth and give attendees makeovers. We’ve collected donation for charities like Wayside Waifs. Every Spring and Fall show that Kansas City Fashion Week is on, we are there to support the community in whatever way … Continued

4 Reasons You Should Attend a Vidal Sassoon Academy Connection School

For over 60 years, Vidal Sassoon has been a household name with one of the most sophisticated reputations in the cosmetology industry.  The name now tends to stand as the definition of precision, and ingenuity in the world of hair cutting and coloring.  With such a fabulous reputation, it’s easy for one to assume that choosing a … Continued

5 Reasons To Become A Makeup Artist

In the overall health and beauty care market, makeup industry tends to dominate. With so many people pursuing a makeup artist career, you’ve got to wonder – why? Here are top fun reasons to become a makeup artist. Flexible Schedule You will be your won boss and get to decide what job you want to … Continued

You Might be in Cosmetology School if…

You’re starting to notice everyone’s roots. If you’re starting to notice strangers regrowth and pointing out bad haircuts, you might be in cosmetology school. As students learn more and more about proper haircutting and coloring techniques, they start to differentiate those who have a great hair, and those they wish they could get their hands … Continued

Why Choose a Nuts and Bolts Business School?

Nearly any cosmetology program can teach you the basic foundation of being a hairdresser, but can they provide you with the training you need to get a job after you graduate? This is the question you should be asking yourself as you decide on which cosmetology school to attend. You can give the best blow out, … Continued

Why Overland Park Kansas is a Great Place to Start Your Cosmetology Career

There is certainly an undesirable stigma about the Midwest when it comes to staying up to date on industry and fashion trends.  The myth is that since we are centrally located, up and coming trends and techniques take longer to reach us from fashion and media giants such as New York and California.  This may have … Continued

New Year, New Career In Cosmetology

Another year has passed, and new one full of possibilities has begun.  Have you decided how you are going to spend it?  With the new year come new years resolutions. And for many individuals one of the most important things on the list is to start a new career or increase your income.  So why not … Continued

Silver Hair: 5 Things to Expect When You Go Gray

One of the most requested services at our school’s clinic floor, is root touch up’s and gray coverage all over colors.  For decades , women have turned to their stylist to erase those pesky grey hairs and give them luxurious shine.  So you can imagine the surprise many of us face when clients suddenly start pouring in … Continued