Esthetician School and Why You Should Consider It

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Kansas estheticians report an annual salary of $18,000 to $47,000 depending on location and specialty. You’ve looked at many different esthetician school programs like Mitsu Sato‘s, but are still on the fence of whether this is right for you. Here are three esthetician school facts to help with your decision.

Training in Kansas

The right esthetician school for you is here in Kansas | courtesy of Google

There’s no need to move outside of your hometown where you know the people because there are many esthetician school programs in Kansas City. You can learn how to give preventive skin care treatments, provide services to improve skin appearance, and be around people you know. Your first clients can be people that already trust you. Many esthetics students start with close friends and family. Work all day to make your friends and family feel great and they will even thank you for it.

Be an Esthetician School Graduate at 17

In Kansas, the minimum requirement for someone to enroll at a esthetician school is be 17 years old. You can also enroll when you have your high school diploma or GED. As a licensed esthetician in Kansas, you will perform facials and skin treatments. You’ll spend 650 hours training in the classroom to be a skin care specialist and a beauty consultant.

You will learn skills such as microdermabrasion, waxing, facial and skin treatments, skin cleansing and skin analysis. More than 1000 hours will be spent learning both client and business side of being an esthetician.

Beauty or Medical: All up to you

This could be you at esthetician school!

Estheticians can work in both beauty salons and medical clinics depending on their licensure. Medical estheticians work with doctors assisting in cosmetic surgeries at burn units, hospitals, medical clines, and plastic surgery center. Beauty estheticians work mainly at salons, fitness clubs, spas, hotels, and resorts. If you are interested in cosmetic work, you can also work at photography studios, makeup counters, and beauty supply stores.

The possibility is endless for work after esthetician school.

If these things get you excited, contact us now at Mitsu Sato and talk to our admissions officer to get you started. We are also able to help you figure out your financial aid situation as many students qualify for government, but don’t know how to go about doing it.