Why Overland Park Kansas is a Great Place to Start Your Cosmetology Career

There is certainly an undesirable stigma about the Midwest when it comes to staying up to date on industry and fashion trends.  The myth is that since we are centrally located, up and coming trends and techniques take longer to reach us from fashion and media giants such as New York and California.  This may have been the case many years ago, but with the help of our best friend the internet, and the hard work of dedicated professionals, staying on track with the most popular hair services is just a click away.

So if you are looking for an elite cosmetology education in Overland Park, Kansas, look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

overland park cosmetology
Here are 5 reasons why Kansas is a great place to attend cosmetology school:

    1. Industry Leaders and Educators in Cosmetology do Exist in Overland Park, KS

Often times people assume that the hair industry’s celebrity stylist’s and top educators, only reside on the east and west coast, but this is simply not true.  Some of the most renown hairstylist’s reside right here in Overland Park.  Here at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we have had numerous celebrity stylist and platform artists host classes and seminars for both our students and the public.  It’s not that these talented individuals don’t live here in Kansas, it’s just a matter of finding them.  Our own Mitsu Sato was a Beverly Hills hair stylist who worked on numerous celebrities in Los Angeles. He decided to relocate to Kansas to give his children a better education, and safer place to grow up.  And lucky for us that he did! Otherwise we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn from him.  Whether a top notch stylist relocates here for family or personal reasons, or establishes themselves here in Kansas, the potential to learn from a leading industry professional is certainly possible! And Here at M.S.H.A. we are dedicated to finding those individuals and providing you with the best education possible.

    1. Cost of Living and Tuition are More Reasonable

Not only can you find a quality cosmetology education right here in Overland Park, but the cost of living and tuition is going to be far more inexpensive than if you attend a school in New York or California.  We pride ourselves in being one of the leading schools in Overland Park, Kansas in regards to financial assistance and scholarships awards.  We take the time to work with you one on one, and figure out the best plan for you financially to attend cosmetology school.  With careful planning and diligence, you can get and elite education in Kansas and save yourself money in the long run.

    1. We are Constantly in Contact With Leaders around the World

Our own school is a Vidal Sassoon Member School, as well as an official Wella Education program.  We work directly with Wella and Vidal Sassoon to provide you with the most up to date techniques possible. Whether it’s through webinars, or sending our instructors directly to Vidal Sassoon’s Academy in California, a good cosmetology school will do whatever it takes to ensure it’s educators are fully prepared to teach their students.  Having a talented staff dedicated to constantly learning is what’s truly important when it comes to your cosmetology education.

    1. Kansas City Film and Fashion is Growing

Kansas City is catching up to cities such as Chicago and Atlanta in regard to their film production.  With the Kansas City Art Institute having one of the top film programs in the country, and the diverse architecture and scenery in the Midwest, Kansas city has been filming more and more big name productions right here in the city.  In the same regard, fashion has also began rapidly expanding with more couture  shops popping up every year.  With the influences pouring in, it isn’t unlikely that you could be hired on set or in a fashion show doing hair and make for big events! Every week we are contacted by fashion designers and production companies, looking for leads on great hair stylists and makeup artists, and we are proud to deliver them. Many of our alumni have gone on to do hair and makeup for magazine editorials, fashions shows, and media productions in Kansas City.  These types of services can be rather lucrative, and be a great doorway to bigger things in cities like Los Angeles and New York!

    1. Smaller Classes = Individual Attention

Attending schools in a monstrous city like New York and Los Angeles means large class sizes and a “factory line” mentality. Many school are so focused on quantity they forget about the quality. A smaller Cosmetology school in Overland Park Kansas will be capable of providing you with an education centered around individual attention and training.  Everyone learns at their own pace, and with our small class sizes, we take the time to make sure each student is prepared before venturing out on their own.  Before spending your hard earned money or taking out loans on something as important as your education, be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Choosing a cosmetology school in Overland Park Kansas can be equal to an education on the east or west coast if you find the right school!  Give us a call at (913) 341 – 7286 and find out how you can begin a career full of opportunity and advancement right here in Kansas!