Cosmetology Students Helpful Resources Guide

There are plenty of help available for those seeking a career in cosmetology. This cosmetology students helpful resources guide will share 5 sites that can help you no matter where you are at in your journey as a cosmetologist. They can be tutorials, forums, or association websites that really want to help beauty school students.

Cosmetology Career Guide

This site allows the student to look at descriptions of different careers within the cosmetology industry. From Aromatherapy to Therapeutic Massage, you can glean what each career path entails and offers suggestions of schools that offer the program.

For cosmetology students helpful resources list these usually provide a comparison between schools.

Cosmetology Career Video

If you need a more visual resource, videos from’s Cosmetology section offer some great overview of different programs offered by popular schools in the field. They also go over how to craft your resume so that you can better show your work and provide other trainings to prepare you for your beauty school education.

As a cosmetology student, helpful resources are just around the corner.
As a cosmetology student, helpful resources are just around the corner.

American Association of Cosmetology Schools

The hardest part of school is oftentimes funding it. AACS has a compilation of scholarships offer to students attending programs under the cosmetology umbrella. Scholarships that amount to $2,500 are available to many students. If you’re serious about your career, then you should look deeper into getting the funding through these scholarships.

Professional Beauty Association

According to their website, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) advances the professional beauty industry by providing our members with education, charitable outreach, government advocacy, events and more. Probeauty is the largest organization of salon professionals with members representing salons/spas, distributors, manufacturers and beauty professionals.

Membership to organizations like ProBeauty means you have a wide network to gain ideas, and help from as a beginner. They also hold conventions just for people like you that love making beauty a career.

Behind the Chair

This is a community that many graduates go to for tips, styles, and inspiration for their next masterpiece. The members are engaged posting jobs, attending webinars, and providing other tools to encourage other cosmetologists to share their experiences.

After school is all said and done, becomes a great resource to utilize for your salon.

For cosmetology students helpful resources are everywhere to ensure that you have a great experience that will prepare you for a successful career in beauty, hair and nail, esthetics, or any other program that you want to get into. Mitsu Sato is here as your first stop source for information on getting into the world of beauty. We can answer your questions about any programs, financial aid, and other pertinent topics. To set up a time to visit, contact us and start your journey to a career in beauty.

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