A Doubter becomes a Believer: Facing Her First Facial

Larissa had never had a facial before. She always thought it would be too aggressive and invasive. Plus, she’s always had great skin, so why even bother?! Then this doubter had a facial at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, and she became a total believer: in facials and her experiences at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy!

We asked Larissa to sit down with us and tell us her first-hand, um, face experience!

Q: What were you nervous about when it came to the idea of getting a facial?
A: I was really nervous. I felt like they weren’t worth it. I associated facials with being a superficial service and one that you only needed to do if you had horrible skin or wrinkles.

Q: What made you want to try it and why Mitsu Sato Hair Academy?
A: My life has been incredibly hectic lately, and I was exhausted. I didn’t have the time to experience a Spa Day but someone suggested I get a facial. She said it would totally relax and refresh me. I had gotten my hair cut and colored at the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy before and I remembered how beautiful the esthetics area was. So, I decided to try it!

Q: What made you relax enough to actually enjoy your experience?
A: The esthetician was incredibly professional and communicated about everything she was doing, so there were no surprises. I actually was able to relax because I felt so comfortable.

Q: What were some of the services you received?
A: Steam treatment, very gentle exfoliating scrub, warm towel treatment and moisturizing mask. All the products were really mild. The student told me about the product line, Image Skin Care, and it was light and really refreshing with a wonderful citrus scent.

Q: What were you most surprised about with the services you received?
A: The student talked about the products she was using all throughout the treatment but never tried to hard-sell me on them. She just wanted me to know why she was using them and what the benefits were. That was really refreshing!

Q: So, would you do this again?
A: Absolutely! I felt great the entire day and evening. Really refreshed. I would love to get a bunch of friends together and have a fun day of relaxation. I totally felt like the esthetician working on me was very tuned in to what I needed. That was amazing!

Q: So, what was the biggest lesson you learned?
A: I went from believing facial treatments were only good for trying to fix something or being totally self-indulgent to knowing they’re about taking care of yourself. All day after my treatment, I kept thinking “I took care of myself today!”

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