“Dynasty” and 1980’s Fashion: Then and Now!

One of the biggest fashion trends this year is the bold, colorful, glittery fashions of the 1980s. We can see this pop cultural phenom popping up everywhere: from hair to makeup to fashion.

These iconic looks were no more over-the-top than on the 1980’s hit prime time soap “Dynasty.” The cat fights and drama were as big as the shoulder pads and bank accounts. Centered around the richest family in Denver, the Carringtons were gaudy, bawdy and fabulous!  And as we all know, trends — just like old, hit TV shows — get rebooted and re-imagined all the time.

So today we’re celebrating one of this year’s hottest trends, one of the 1980’s hottest shows and this year’s reboot of the Crazy Carrington Clan.

Some of this year’s trends:


The 1980’s fabulous cast:

A sneak peek at one of this year’s most talked about — and over-the-top — new shows: