Fashion Week Brings Together Style and Unity

Fashion Week allows designers and houses to showcase their latest designs and trending outfits. The money purpose is to give investors a chance to see where their money is going. For bloggers and fashionistas, it is to see the art of beauty flaunted across the runway for all to see. Big international fashion shows are usually held in capitals like London, Milan, Paris, and New York.


As we prepare for the upcoming Kansas City Fashion Week in October, let us take a look at 4 major FW’s in the US. Here are the four cities and key fashion week information for you to keep an eye on.


LOS ANGELES Fashion Week

DATES: March and October

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: According to their site, they are dedicated to apparel, design, and support the arts communities. We already know that LA is a fashion hub because of Hollywood, but they use that to help fosters working relationships with fashion tech startups, designers, retailers, and the media.

Los Angeles Fashion Week is held twice a year
LA Fashion Week is held every Spring and Summer. | PC: LAFW


CHICAGO Fashion Week

DATES: October 19th – 22nd, 2016

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Part of the bigger Midwest Fashion Week, presents collections from designers and seminars to those interested in a career in fashion. One of their main goals is to show how Midwest fashion fits into the industry.

DALLAS Fashion Week

DATES: Fall 2016

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: There’s a bunch of events that lead up to it including workshops and casting calls. There is even an Eventbrite set up for all fashion-related things.

MIAMI Fashion Week


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: So, Antonio Banderas is honorary president. Can’t get any better than that. With influences from Hispanic and Carribbean cultures and refined European aesthetic, MFW is more that just the beach.

So there you have it! Start saving money and see if you can hit up some of these events. Anytime great fashionistas get together is a great time to network, learn, and show off your own style and flair. Don’t know where to start? Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is more that happy to help you set your career goals either in beauty or esthetics. Next week, we take a look at Kansas City’s very own local KCFW to be held this October.