Get Ready for Kansas City Fashion Week

Mitsu Sato Hair Academy has been participating at Kansas City Fashion Week for the past 6 years. We put up a booth and give attendees makeovers. We’ve collected donation for charities like Wayside Waifs. Every Spring and Fall show that Kansas City Fashion Week is on, we are there to support the community in whatever way we can.

If you are not familiar with Kansas City Fashion Week, or not able to make it, there are still several ways for you to support. Here’s a rundown on the ins and out of Kansas City Fashion Week.


Kansas City Fashion Week goes as fas back as the 1940s.
Are you ready for Kansas City Fashion Week? | PC: @kc_fashionweek


In the 1940s, Kansas City’s Garment District had over 4,000 employees providing garments all over the United States. One out of every 7 women that bought garments bought ones that were made in Kansas City. This started the long tradition of Kansas City Fashion Week merging business and fashion. Today, with Mitsu Sato Hair Academy as a S/S 17 sponsor, Kansas City Fashion Week continues to be a hub for collaboration between merchandisers and designers.



Tickets are not yet on sale, but save the dates October 9-15, 2016. The week starts with a brunch and ends with a runway show. The event is composed of many beauty schools, like Mitsu Sato, and other businesses tied to fashion, beauty, and e-commerce. Kansas City Fashion Week will not be complete without makeovers and shopping, so make sure that you are ready for that.

Kansas City Fashion Week Collage
We’re all in this together at Kansas City Fashion Week | @kc_fashionweek


The runway will sure be extravagant as the event feature the following designer collections:

Lucia’s Sarto

AnnMann Designs

Sara Kahrs

Lauren Bander

JULIA by Julia Fischer

LaRae Fashions

Atelie Samosi

Alicia Janesko Caftans & Resortwear


Runway at Kansa City Fashion Week
End the week with beautiful shows at the Kansas City Fashion Week runway | PC: @kc_fashionweek

The complete schedule of events are posted on the website and you can bet that they will sell like hotcakes.



A lot of work is put on making sure that Kansas City Fashion Week goes over smoothly. KCFW needs volunteers like you to help out. Whether fashion is a hobby, or a career, you can rub shoulders with the best. She the behind-the-scenes life of models, beauticians, stylist, and many more. Picture yourself as the next big thing by learning how it all run.

Kansas City Fashion Show styles
PC: @kc_fashionweek


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A fun way to get to know Kansas City Fashion Week is to get to know who is all behind it. Sponsors of KCFW include a variety of businesses like the Kansas City Chiefs, radio and TV shows, and of course, Mitsu Sato. We all believe that getting the word out to the community means being in the community. That is why we have been a part of KCFW for the last six years!

Kansas City Fashion Week BTS
PC: @kc_fashionweek


Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is a proud sponsor of Kansas City Fashion Week.

Want to learn more about Kansas City Fashion Week? Visit us and we will take you on a tour of our campus and share with you why we choose to sponsor. At the same time, learn about different careers available to you when you join us at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy.