4 Times Gilmore Girls Proved that Hairstyles Give Confidence

With the recent binge watching of Gilmore Girls as preparation for its Netflix release, Lorelai, Rory, and the citizens of Stars Hollow has taught its viewers a lot. As an audience, we’ve laughed and cried with them. Some have probably grown up with Rory and seen her different transformation throughout the years. One thing is for sure though, the mother-daughter tandem is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. They showed us the different hairstyles give confidence to those that wear them. That concealing your keys on your belt loop is a great reminder not to do anything stupid. Even more that the family that eat pop tarts together, stay together.

One of the most empowering lessons that one can take away from Lorelai and Rory is that when you look good, you feel good. How we look is a statement about how we feel about ourselves. Here are 4 times that GIlmore Girls taught us that our hairstyles give confidence and show off our personality.

Taylor’s Toupee Tussle

After Taylor Doose, leader of EVERYTHING Stars Hollow, returned from a cruise, Mrs. Nancini noticed that he looked different. Taylor’s toupee was the talk of the town. Eastside Tilly has been yammering about it much to the dismay of Babette and Miss Patty, but it seriously made Taylor feels so good about himself. Talk about hairstyles give confidence to an older gentleman that does so much for the town.

Even after some jeering from the citizens of Stars Hollow, Taylor wore that toupee proud! And why shouldn’t he? It may not have looked good (the toupee was darker and didn’t match his hair), but if it what you need to get through the day, then so be it!

Lorelai’s Renaissance Wedding Accesory


Our hairstyles give confidence when we need it
Lorelai’s hairstyles give confidence not just to her, but to Luke. |  PC: gilmorememories.com


Lorelai’s hair is prettiest when it is down, much to Emily’s chagrin. Her long locks are beautiful and inviting. It turned the heads of Chris, Luke, Jason, Alex, even that  kid in her business class. The most memorable one was her flower ornament head wreath she showed off at Liz’s wedding. It really brought out her beautiful face and gave Luke enough confidence to finally ask her out. We were all waiting for that moment and that hairdo finally attracted the bee to the beautiful and charming flower that is Lorelai.

Rory’s Serious Studying Hairdo

College is already stressful. Yale is probably even more stressful. Rory had that worst roommates and all she wanted was a nice quiet place to do some serious studying. She set off to find that place, but not before cutting her hair to show that she means business.

Rory's hairstyles give confidence anywhere
Rory’s hairstyles give confidence in studying hard subjects at Yale. | PC: Buzzfeed


It’s one of those “hairstyles give confidence to leave a room full of broccoli tarts and return to Yale to find for that tree.”

Lane Purple Hairstyle Give Confidence

Purple hairstyles give confidence
Lane’s hairstyle give confidence to rebel against her mother, but only for a second | PC: Bustle


The ULTIMATE show of confidence, though short-lived, did not come from Lorelai or Rory. It came from Rory’s best friend, town rocker, Lane Kim. Before she commanded the stage and mastered diaper changing, Lane was an oppressed Seventh Day Adventist torn between her music and pleasing her mother. Maybe it’s the bleach that finally set her off, but with her best friends help, her hair was punk rock purple. To commemorate that moment of freedom, a Polaroid with all her purpleness was taken.

That’s how all rockstars start, right?

There are plenty more Gilmore Girls hairstyle out there. About 7 seasons worth. Countdowns have been set for the November 25 release of new stories with Lorelai and Rory. More hairstyles. More makeup tips. More strong, confident women conquering the world. Gain that same confidence and share it with others when you apply at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy. There are courses in hair and makeup, esthetics, and other cosmetology careers that are sure to help you gain confidence in yourself and feel vibrant and beautiful within.