Love your curly hair!

An estimated 65% of women have naturally wavy or curly hair. A

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genetic trait causes the hair follicle to grow in an ovular shape as opposed to a symmetrical circle – which then produces the curl.

Hair Structure

Curly hair must be treated a special way, from cutting to blow drying and styling – curly hair has its own set of rules.. We’ve got some tips and tricks for learning to love YOUR curly locks!

Rule #1:

Comb - not brush!

Loose the brush!

Brushing disturbs the curls natural formation and causes your hair to look frizzy. Instead – opt for a wide toothed comb to detangle after a shower. Another tip is to use a good leave-in conditioner to prep your hair for being combed through, protecting it from breakage! We recommend using Pravana’s Nevo Intense Leave-In therapy treatment. If you have to comb through it between showering, use your fingers to work through any snarls.


Rule #2:


Air dry! If at all possible, avoid blow drying your hair.

This again separates the curl and causes frizz! Instead, use a curl enhancing cream – distribute throughout damp hair and let air dry. We recommend our B. Haircare Curl Souffle. If you must blow dry, use a diffuser and gather the hair into the cup of the diffuser to dry. This will preserve the curl during the dry! Either way – try not to touch your hair while it is drying. This will cause your curls to loosen.

Rule #3:

Sulfate Free

“Any shampoo will do for curly hair.” SO WRONG!

Some shampoos (especially inexpensive brands) contain sulfates which are a very cheap detergent. Sulfates are very harsh and


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will strip the hair of it’s natural oils and moisture, leaving it looking dull and feeling very dry. Use a shampoo that is “sulfate-free”!This is true for all hair types but is especially true for curly hair because curly hair tends to be very dry – which leads us to our next rule…


Rule #4:

Pravana intense leave in.

Condition, condition, condition!

Curly hair is porous and good quality conditioner will fill these holes helping the hair look and feel more smooth. Quality conditioner will also ensure your hair is holding onto moisture more effectively, cutting down on frizz. Always use a good leave in conditioner to ensure happy, hydrated curls!


Rule #5:


Get a cut from a stylist who understands curls.

Curly hair can’t be cut the same as straight hair! The way it lays, the weight distribution and the tension of the curl all influence a good cut. Make sure you go to a hairdresser who has learned techniques to see the hair in a natural state, evaluating the best style for your hair type. Sassoon’s ABC cutting technique stresses completing a thorough evaluation of the hairs structure before cutting, diagnosing all of the areas and their specific needs. Curly hair should also be cut dry to ensure the stylist can see the natural fall of the curl.


To sum up, curly hair has special needs. Use the right methods and care to bring the most out of your locks! Learn to work with your beautiful curls and you just may find a whole new love for them!