How To Make A Successful Nail Technician Career

You have completed nail technician courses and loved it and now, you are open to the world of beauty industry and its’ opportunities. But where do you start? What do you do to succeed in the nail tech world?

Be Professional

When you are starting out, remember that presenting yourself as a professional nail technician means a lot more than just performing quality nail services. And it entails a lot of things including positive attitude, sanitation, appearance. Making an inappropriate joke, a judgemental comment or wearing dirty jeans might steer clients away and results in a bad word-of-mouth.
nail tech artist

Know Your Value

It might be tempting to start discounting your services to get all the price conscious clients. While it’s appropriate to give a discount to loyal customers or have a referral program, it’s a risky move to discount all of your services. Having constant deals will only undermine the value of your time. Keeping your price firm will, however, indicate the confidence in your skill set and that will attract clients.

Stay Connected

To keep growing, you need to have a network of clients, partners, suppliers and an active presence online. Showing off your work on Instagram with the right hashtag might bring a dozen new clients and a helpful advice on Facebook will improve your credibility. Stay active and participate in local events, network with event planners, photographers and other people that might bring new clientele for you.

Never Stop Learning

It’s important to keep up with the industry to become a successful nail technician. Get out there! Take a class, cooperate with other nails techs, try online tutorials, subscribe to some nail tech magazines. The beauty industry is changing quickly. Being in the know and continuing your education is key to being a successful nail tech.
Mitsu Sato Academy is wishing you best luck in your nail tech adventures and is always open for networking. If you are still deciding on whether to get on the path of a nail tech career, contact us to learn more about our nail technician programs.