Make Your Hair Healthier by Using Hair Oils

Hair oils are great for taking care of your hair. They can get deep into your scalp and strands lubricating and sealing the nutrients your hair needs to become healthy. The biggest benefits that hair oils provides are all the fatty acids that replace lipids in your hair.

Hair oils both lubricate and seal. They are great for detangling wet hair, sealing cuticles, and protecting hair strands from heat styling. This is the way to use them:

  • Apply on mid-length and ends of hair. This is because the hair strands absorb upwards and applying too close to the roots will get it there after hours of application.
  • Distribute hair oil evenly.
  • Use a small amount until you know exactly how much your hair needs. You can always apply more.
  • Use one drop of hair oil in your hands, rub it together, rake it through the hair and evenly comb it through, making sure to avoid the scalp.

Hair Oils Men

Using Hair Oils for Men

Men are also starting to use hair oils to take care of their hair more now a days. They like the slick and shiny look that the oil gives their hair and the benefits are not too shabby as well. Here are some of the more popular natural oils that men can try and the hair types.

  • Avocado Oil – Flaky, brittle and damage hair
  • Coconut Oil – All hair types, especially for dandruffed hair
  • Jojoba Oil – Dry and damaged hair, especially if you are looking to grow hair
  • Almond Oil – Balding hair due to Vitamin E
  • Olive Oil – Sensitive hair

Hair Oils Olive

Oils are great resources not just for cooking, but for taking care of your hair. You can learn about hair care and maintenance through Mitsu Sato Hair Academy and the courses that they offer. It can be a pretty lucrative career also because men are now looking at taking better care of themselves not just with hair, but their nails, and other parts of their body. Isn’t that great! Check out the website for more information about hair, skin, and nail care at Mitsu Sato!