Mitsu Sato Hair Academy’s Future of Hair and Fashion Show



If there is one thing that is ever constant in the world of fashion and beauty, it is the creative individuals desire to see, predict, and influence the future of design and style.  For years we have seen some of the world’s biggest fashion icons make their predictions and interpretations of what the future of fashion holds.  From outlandish, to practicality, these predictions entertain and inspire the imagination.

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Examples of future fashion predictions circa from the 1960’s



Here at our academy, we believe the hair and makeup industry is not limited to providing everyday hair services to consumers. As part of our curriculum students are given exercises in a variety of fields, from bridal parties, to hair and fashion shows. These opportunities help our future stylist express their creativity and gain real world experience, which can help establish a strong, diverse, portfolio.  With our large group of talented students, a futuristic themed fashion and hair show was the perfect opportunity for the entire Academy to flex it’s creative muscles and provide a fun, entertaining, and educating experience.


Fashion: Hollie Hermes

Hair: Mitsu Sato Salon and Mitsu Sato Hair Academy

Makeup: Stephanie Gallegos and Ashley Hazelwood


Hollie Hermes

DSC_0330 DSC_0331



Fashion: Bethany Wicker

Hair: Mitsu Sato Salon and Mitsu Sato Hair Academy

Makeup: Ashley Hazelwood


Bethany Wicker







Fashion, Hair, Makeup: Nichole Hobbs


Nichole Hobbs