Mitsu Sato Q&A with Hair Academy Student Do-Gooder

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we have a wonderfully diverse and bright group of students and instructors.  Although all our students share our belief that beauty is an art form, each has a very unique story.

Recently, Mitsu Sato asked Summer, a student at the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy for six weeks, about her story. We found out what she loves and how she wants to give back!

Mitsu: Hi, Summer. First, why did you decide to become a cosmetologist?
Summer: I was always the kid doing my friends’ hair and makeup, and I seemed to have some talent.

Mitsu: What’s your favorite part about being a student at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy?
Summer: I really like the inclusive, supportive and collaborative community between the students and teachers.

Mitsu: Who’s your favorite instructor and why?
Summer: I feel like I’m too new to have a favorite but I like that all (the instructors) are very helpful and capable of tailoring their lessons to the students.

Mitsu: What skill have you learned that has really excited you so far and why?
Summer: I really enjoy facials. It was very personalized and a lot of fun.

Mitsu: What do you want to do after you graduate?
Summer: My dream would be to run my own salon. I also want to do community outreach where I give people who can’t afford a regular salon experience access to great service and style!

Now that’s what the art of beauty is all about!

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