Things Mitsu Sato Students are Grateful for This Year

Mitsu Sato students get together at this time of the year to reminisce about all their blessings. There surely are a lot of them. We list what they are and invite you to join us.

Mitsu Sato Students Will Graduate

mitsu sato students graduate

When the news of a big beauty school chain abruptly closing its campuses, the whole industry was shocked! Imagine having been in class just the day before and coming back to a closed campus with the words “We apologize” plastered all over the building. Shocking is what the students have said. Some of them were weeks away from completing their program.

Mitsu Sato assured its students and staff that that will ever happen. The world-class curriculum and its connection with the industry keeps it strong and safe. Students are happy to know that the transparency Mitsu Sato boasts about is real. Our doors will not be closing anytime soon!

Our students are grateful for that blessing.

Kansas City Fashion Week

mistu sato students kcfw

We believe in the Kansas City community and we give back! Students were able to participate in KCFW with the help of Mitsu Sato as one of the sponsors. It’s one thing to spend your day in school working on hair, but it is another to do it in a fashion show!

Our students got their hands and feet wet helping at KCFW. That’s another reason to be grateful for this year! The experience of being at the center of it all! Students have the opportunity to work in a real fashion show! Take that, Tyra!

Family and Friends

mitsu sato students grateful

When you are with Mitsu Sato, you are part of something big. Our family continues to grow. It is our family that helps us get jobs, model for our tests, and give us the encouragement that we need to move forward. After all, it isn’t just for ourselves that we do this. We have families that rely on us. They look to us as a role model.

Mitsu Sato students are grateful for the strength they have received all year.

What are you grateful for? We’d love to hear them as you come in for a tour and see our growing family here. Mitsu Sato is committed to you. That’s another thing to be grateful for this year!