MSHA Fall Hair Collection: Introducing Tortoiseshell Hair Color

Mitsu Sato Hair Academy Presents: Tortoiseshell Hair Color

Color and cut’s preformed by Mitsu Sato and Rosanne Pollina

The next evolution in color trends…

As images of upcoming 2015 Fall collections continue to flow in from all over the world, an emerging trend is already beginning to appear in runway hair and fashion, Tortoiseshell color.  While Tortoiseshell hair continues to pick up momentum, many questions have been raised. The biggest questions of course is what is it, and how does it compare to it’s wildly popular cousin the Ombre?  For Mitsu Sato Hair Salon’s 2015 Fall Hair Collection, the team took inspiration from the new color trend and developed a color mix full of highlights, definition, and beautiful undertones.

What is Tortoiseshell color?

Ecaille, or Tortoiseshell color, is a technique that blends multiple shades of color for soft natural, but still noticeable definition.  The most common combination of color tones is golden blondes, caramels chestnuts and chocolates, though with careful planning and execution, other color combinations can be used.  Since having noticeable roots is a staple to this color technique, the styles relatively simple upkeep has also aided in it’s growing popularity.



Model: Madeleine Sienkiewicz

Emily 2

Model: Emily Peerbolt

Brittney 1

Model: Brianna Conrad


Model: Haley Ann Silvers


Model: Bárbara Villa