New Year, New Career In Cosmetology

Another year has passed, and new one full of possibilities has begun.  Have you decided how you are going to spend it?  With the new year come new years resolutions. And for many individuals one of the most important things on the list is to start a new career or increase your income.  So why not try for a career in cosmetology, one of the fastest growing industries in the world? If you love to work with people and wish for a creative, self fulfilling, ever changing career, enrolling in cosmetology school may be your next step!

Why Is Career In Cosmetology Right For You?

cosmetology careerBe your own boss.

Working in the cosmetology industry gives you the rare opportunity to work for yourself and be your own boss!  While some choose to work for a salon, others rent booths or spaces to perform their services under their own rules.  With enough time, practice, and networking,  you can build up enough clientele to call the shots!  Or you can find an awesome team to work with in a salon.  Whatever you decide, you have more control over who you do or don’t work for compared to other industries.

Meet and socialize with new people everyday.

If you are a social individual, you already have an advantage when starting cosmetology school.  Being a cosmetologist not only offers you the opportunity to constantly meet new people, but it also gives you a chance to be involved in one of the most important aspect of their lives, the personal health and beauty.  Imagine getting to see a smiling brides face when you reveal her hair and makeup for her big day, or the excited giggles of a little boy who just got a fun mohawk.  There will be so many fun and happy moments in your cosmetology career, where your skills and positive attitude will have a special impact on your clients lives.

Never stop climbing.Cosmetology School Overland Park

The cosmetology industry is statistically one of the  fastest growing businesses today, and choosing to go to cosmetology school doesn’t mean you’ll just do haircuts and coloring services forever.  This is only the beginning of a career full of incredible opportunities!  Besides performing hair services on clients, as you grow and expand, there will be career in cosmetology kansasopportunities to be involved in fashion shows, photo shoots, magazine editorials, weddings, and who knows, maybe one day a platform artist!  Your career in cosmetology is only limited to how hard you are willing to work to make your dreams come true.  Never forget the big picture and all the options you have as an artist.

Did we just say an artist? We sure did…

Cosmetology school is not only a great financial opportunity for you, but a creative one.  Here, at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we are especially dedicated to bringing out the creative side in you.  We truly believe in approaching hair dressing as an art form, and as a part of our curriculum, we force you to go beyond your limits to truly discover your own style.  You will participate in fashion shows and shoots, create avante garde looks, and learn the art of creative cutting and coloring.  There is no limit to what you can achieve when you unharness your own creative vision!

Have we got you thinking?  Don’t hesitate to change course of your life for the better.  If you want to know more about how starting cosmetology school in Overland Park can prepare you to be financially secure, and happy doing a job you love, give us a call at (913) 341 – 7286 to schedule a tour of our academy!