Preserve your color! Tips for making your color investment last.

Have you ever had your hair colored and it’s the perfect shade? Sure enough, the first time you wash it, it becomes dull and loses it’s vibrancy. It’s hard seeing your hard earned money rinse down the shower drain!

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about coloring your hair some of the non traditional colors you’ve seen all over Pinterest. The beautiful blues, reds, greens and purples. The only thing holding you

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back from your daring choice is the upkeep. Well, fear not! We have some tips for you to save that color! We’ll discuss both product as well as maintenance, so let’s get started!


Tip #1: Protect your hair from the sun!

Sun Hat

We covered this in our other blog post on protecting your locks from the sun (found here!) but it is a point that needs to be stressed! The sun strips the hair of nutrients and will leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. The damage the sun does to your hair is also going to strip your color and leave it looking very dull. We suggest using a UV color lock after you shower and before you step out into the sun. We recommend our own paraben free Leave-In Protectant from B. Haircare which offers protection from free-radical damage and UV exposure. You can also go the product free way and throw on a chic sun hat! This is a great way to save your investment in your hair!

Tip #2: Space out your washes!

Space Out Washing

Washing everyday is not necessary and actually very hard on hair. It strips away the oils your hair needs to stay protected and moisturized. In addition, it can strip away your color, too. Spacing your washes out every three days or even every other day as opposed to every day will help keep your color bright! If you feel like you must wash every day, try going every other day without shampoo and instead just use conditioner. Chances are there isn’t enough of a buildup to require using a shampoo after just one day so try just using a good sulfate free (and we’ll get to that in a minute!) conditioner just at the roots.

Tip #3: Use good quality products!

No sulfates!

Using inexpensive shampoos that contain Sulfates (which are a cheap detergent) will strip the color from your hair! You’ve invested money into your hair – don’t ruin it by skimping on the shampoo and conditioner! Make sure to read your product and check that it does not contain sulfates. We recommend our B. Haircare Thicken or Quench line of sulfate free, color safe shampoo. This is one of the biggest ways you can save your color. The price may be a little more than you are used to paying but you will see a huge payoff in the longevity of your hair color so throw out the cheap supermarket shampoos!

Tip #4:

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Wash with cool water!

Cool Water

This one may take some getting used to but again, it’s worth it. Wash your hair in cool water. Hot water will open up the hair follicle and allow the color to escape. Though it may be a little less enjoyable than washing in hot water it will make a huge difference!

Tip #5: Use a heat protectant!

Damaged Hair

Heat damaged hair not only feels bad, it will cause your color to look dull! The ends of the hair become broken and frayed after unprotected heat exposure which means they don’t lay together nicely, leaving hair looking frizzy. This means you will be tempted to use more heat to try and smooth the hair which further adds damage – a viscous circle. After prolonged exposure there is no repairing that can be done, hair must be cut!! That’s why we recommend you use a good heat protectant to make sure your hair has a barrier between it and the damaging heat. We love Pravana’s Shine Serum, which not only works as a protective barrier for your hair but also adds a very nice shine!

Healthy Hair

These steps will help you maintain your color (and investment!) for much longer. See us to take that bold step towards the stunning hair you’ve always wanted!