Protect your hair from the Sun!

We all know that keeping your skin safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays is imperative but did you know that exposure to the sun does harm to your hair as well?

If you are prone to dry, brittle, frizzy, broken or dull hair during the summer months – the sun could be to blame. UV rays strip the color from your locks and can leave them feeling very dry. Excessive sun

Sculpting marks

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exposition is the most frequent cause of hair shaft’s structural impairment. UVA rays are responsible for color changes while UVB rays are responsible for protein loss.

So what can you do to save your hair? Here are a few tips.

Wear a hat!

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The best way to protect your hair from the Sun’s rays is to block it! Throw on a chic wide brimmed hat or a cute baseball cap if you’re going to be in the sun. Remember that if any part of your hair is still exposed, you will need to use additional methods to save it from the damaging rays!

UV Protection Shampoos and Conditioners.

These only offer very minimal protection as the majority of the product gets washed off in the shower! While using a shampoo and conditioner regularly that contains SPF certainly doesn’t harm, it’s not enough to offer sufficient protection. Instead, aim for a shampoo that is Sulfate-Free. Sulfates strip the hair of color and leave it looking dull. We suggest our B. Haircare Quench Shampoo and Conditioner to restore the moisture to your hair.

strong>Style with purpose!
Look for styling products, leave in conditioners and hair sprays that offer SPF protection. There are plenty of options including our own B. Haircare “Leave-In Protectant” that helps lock in color from the sun.

Want to create your own?
You can even make your own hair protection concoction by diluting 2 teaspoons of SPF 25 sunblock with a cup of water. Spray the product into your hair damp and style as normal. You can even bring it with you in a small spray bottle to spritz on throughout the day for additional protection.

Keepin’ it clean.

If you use UV protection in your hair, use a good clarifying shampoo once a week to strip away any residue. We recommend Pravana’s Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo to help get rid of any and all buildup.
Protecting your scalp!
Where you part your hair will expose the skin to UV rays so be sure to use a full strength SPF on the area. Don’t forget your ears as well!


Hydrated hair is happy hair.

Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to restore the moisture to your hair that exposure steals.

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We recommend Pravana’s Nevo Deep:60 treatment which can be left on for 60 seconds (if you’re in a hurry) or a full 20 minutes.

Just say no!
Don’t use alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice or any other “sun activated” lightening treatments! These just intensify the effect the sun has on your hair, leaving it dry and damaged.