Q&A with Mitsu Sato & the Art of Beauty


When you put your name on a business, you have to truly believe in what you’re doing. The man behind the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is a force with which to be reckoned. From Beverly Hills to Kansas City, the name has become synonymous with the phrase “the art of beauty.” We sat down with the icon and entrepreneur recently. Here’s what the man behind the art of beauty had to say…

Q: What are you most proud of with the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy?
A: The quality of student that we’re producing. I’m very proud that we are developing and introducing such amazing hair dressers and stylists to the world!

Q: What’s your goal with every student?
A: That every student has the skills and the knowledge to be employable and successful the minute they complete their training.

Q: What’s a motto of the Academy?
A: To instill in every student the “art of beauty” and to make every student as successful as they can be!

Q: What’s different about the student experience at your Academy vs others?
A: We teach the Sassoon ABC cut matrix. It’s a series of 12 cuts that allow stylists to work with any face shape, hair texture or type. It’s the gold standard for developing the foundations of a hair cut.

Q: How involved are you with the instructors and students?
A: I am in there every day supervising students and instructors. Every month we have training classes for the instructors to make sure they, too, are progressing and staying on trend.

Q: Any fun fact you like to give?
A: The way you know you have a good cut is how well it grows out. If the outline of the cut is right, it will grow out gracefully!

Q: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned through your Academy?
A: Patience. (and then he laughed!)

For more information about the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, please visit http://www.mitsusatohairacademy.com