4 Reasons You Should Attend a Vidal Sassoon Academy Connection School

For over 60 years, Vidal Sassoon has been a household name with one of the most sophisticated reputations in the cosmetology industry.  The name now tends to stand as the definition of precision, and ingenuity in the world of hair cutting and coloring.  With such a fabulous reputation, it’s easy for one to assume that choosing a Sassoon Academy means you will receive the best cosmetology education possible.  But how exactly are Vidal Sassoon Academy’s different from all the rest? Here’s 4 reasons you need to enroll in an official Sassoon Academy connection member school.

Not just anyone can be a Vidal Sassoon Academy School Connection Member

Becoming an official Vidal Sassoon Academy connection school isn’t as easy as slapping the VS logo on the front of your school.  To become a Sassoon Academy School Connection Member, a school owner must meet a certain level of excellence.  The owner and staff must be elite stylists, with an education or work background in the Sassoon world.  They also must show the creative ingenuity demanded by the Vidal Sassoon name, and continuously  work to receive extended education offered through Vidal Sassoon, which guarantee’s their students the and education in the most current techniques.

vidal sassoon academy school careers
Vidal Sassoon Academy Schools can help you with its wide network and brand.

You’ve never met a more creative group of hairstylists

In the 1960’s, Vidal Sassoon created a cultural revolution in the cosmetology industry. Today, some of the most elite cosmetologists in the world continue to educate for the Vidal Sassoon Academy, leading the world in color and cutting trends. Attending a Vidal Sassoon connection school means you will also be exposed to some of the most forward thinking, and on trend stylists the area has to offer.   The basics of hair cutting and coloring can be taught easily, but teaching a students the foundations of being a hair artist, is something Vidal Sassoon educators are equipped to handle. You won’t just learn how to do hair, you will earn how to transform it, and push past the boundaries of your creativity

Quality Always Beats Quantity

Many big name cosmetology schools are aimed at getting as many bodies in the door, rather than focusing on the quality of education offered. Vidal Sassoon Academy connection school’s are looking for motivated, and enthusiastic students, and not just anyone with a beating heart.  At M.S.H.A., we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you are properly advised and prepared for your cosmetology school experience.  We see you as a future hair artist, not a dollar sign.

Salon Professionals believe in the Vidal Sassoon Name

Besides a fantastic education and creative vision, attending a Vidal Sassoon Academy connection school will also promise you an increased chance of placement after graduating.  With such a long, and extensive history in the industry, the Vidal Sassoon Name has become synonymous with quality.  A salon owner or booth renter can be confident that a Vidal Sassoon Academy connection graduate will be talented, reliable, and professional, making the hardest part of starting your cosmetology career simply a matter of finding the perfect place to suit you.

vidal sassoon academy face
See yourself in a Vidal Sassoon Academy soon?


So there you have it. Four different reasons why your cosmetology is more than just being pretty. It is about making great connections with a trusted brand that is able to jump start your career. For more information about Vidal Sassoon Academy connections, financial aid, or career opportunities for beauty school students, contact us at Mitsu Sato.