Sizzlin’ Summer Make Up Tips

When you join the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, you will learn all of the latest techniques, styles and trends – whether that be hair or makeup. Here are four amazing tips for creating summer looks that will heat up the pool, picnic, bonfire or lake!


  1. The Kissed Eye: if you left your lipstick in the car or in your backpack while at the beach and it’s melted a bit in the heat, use it as eye shadow and it will add the perfect pigment to your lids!
  2. The Melted Eye: a trick used by fashion designers and models this year…put your eyeliner on then jump in the shower quickly to create a smokin’ hot melted eye liner.
  3. The Glisten: for that fresh, out-of-the-pool look, add a little bit of Vaseline to your cheeks. It will glisten without appearing too oily or sweaty.
  4. The Smudgy Lips: seen on every runway for the hottest summer looks, create a smudged lip with your lipstick (think: eating a Popsicle and turning your mouth red or orange OR what you look like after an amazing make-out session!


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