How Makeup Videos on Snapchat Help You As A Makeup Artist

Snapchat is all the rage these days. The moment they added beauty filters on the app, selfies doubled. It has become an easy for people to connect with brands that they trust. Beauty school students can build a similar level of trust with others using Snapchat. It is a great platform to show off your work and build your portfolio for beauty school. See how these makeup Snapchat account list are helping others to get to know them.

Beauty and Trend Tips

We start with makeup Snapchat account royalty ‘King Kylie.’ Kylie Jenner (@kylizzlemynizzle) has given some of the best snaps worth the clamor. She has turned her fame into a brand that people want to have. She tells us the her Kylie: Lip Kit is the coolest as she shows us how to wear it and wear it well. She lives and breathes her role as a trendsetter and lets us into her life as a Kardashian. Even more so, as a beauty icon we want to follow.kylie jenner makeup on snapchat


Tips for you: Let your audience know what you are doing. If a new blush is working for you, scream it loud and ask your followers to tell you what they are using. Then conversations will go like this – “That is an awesome blush! Where did you get it?” “I saw it on Snapchat!”

Teach me How to Dougie

Twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey (@brooklynandbailey) started out on YouTube with a series of “How-To” tutorials and have ventured on over to a social and makeup Snapchat account to better interact with their users. While these girls are teenagers, they have really captured their audience. From easy tutorials and quick responses to video requests, or feature a certain what to do something. But tutorials go a long way on Snapchat as it gets people to keep looking at your stories to see how you get things done.

Tips for you: You can download your snaps and share them on other social media platforms as a full video tutorial. Wait a week to show them and generate some interest from your followers. That’s maximizing your content. It is also a great piece to add for your beauty school portfolio!

beauty school on snapchatBeauty School is Fun

This gal should be a celebrity. She has turned her makeup Snapchat account as a fun place to document her life in hair school. Ariel Thompson (@arieladele) is a beauty school student. Because all beauty school students know that #beautyschoolislife and you just have to embrace it. In her stories are mannequins. models, and events that showcases how awesome it is to be a cosmetologist. When people see her work, they can’t stop but ask how she does it!
According to Ariel, it is really easy to get sidetracked when you are playing “Makeover” everyday. Beauty school is fun and now a part of life and that is why she shares it with her peers. Aside from her snaps, she also has a Facebook page that acts as a portfolio for her work.

Tips for you: Just like Ariel, always keep track of your work and explain your creations.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to become a makeup artist and enroll in beauty school, it is important to know that with practice, everything becomes easy. Come and visit us at Mitsu Sato Academy and learn about our cosmetology, makeup, nail technology and esthetics programs. Then you can Snapchat it all you want!