Have a Sweet Career Post-Beauty School

Even before classes are over, you are thinking of your career post-beauty school. There’s a ton of girls in my class, you’re thinking, and we all can’t work at the same place. Moving out of state means you need to get a license from that state. But what if there is something that you can do that gives you control of your career?

Freelancing as a cosmetologist, makeup artist, nail technician or an esthetician is doable and very profitable. Here is how to have a sweet career post-beauty school.

To have a career post-beauty school, finish your beauty program.

Getting your license is the most important thing you need to have a career. Your license will allow you to practice what you learned in school and get paid for it. No more favors because you know how to do things. You can actually charge your friends and family. You can turn them into clients and have them market for you.

how to make a career in the beauty industry
Wondering what your career post-beauty school would be like?

Networking is key.

In order to grow your clientele, you may start with friends and family. At this point, you can give them discounts, or referral bonuses. They already know that you are good, but this incentivizes them to talk you up with their family and friends. Word of mouth is the original Yelp. The more people talk about you, the more business you are able to get.

Invest in getting your name out.

Spend some money on having business cards made out. There are plenty of sites that give great deals for business cards. You can hand them out as you are walking along. In your conversations wherever you go, these business cards will quickly reference you. You can also take advantage of free sites where you can create your own website. You can showcase your clients and the different services you are able to provide.

freelancing career in makeup and hair
There are a lot of options for career post-beauty school and freelancing is one of them.

Work on your schedule.

The great thing about your beauty school education is that it can go with you anywhere. You can set up your salon at home if you like. You can choose which clients you want to work with or not. You are your own boss.

So if you are still looking at what will happen after graduation, think about working for yourself. The benefits are plenty and there is always a demand for great cosmetologist and esthetician. Mitsu Sato has a ton of ideas and our partnerships open more than that you think. If you are already enrolled, great! Ask someone to help you figure out your career goals. If not, visit us and set up a tour.