Mitsu Sato Hair Academy Testimonials And Reviews

Mitsu Sato Hair Academy Graduates Testimonials

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“Going to Mitsu Sato Hair Academy really prepared me for my future career as a professional hair stylist. I was so advanced in many aspects of hair services. Not only did I learn beyond the basics of coloring and cutting, but I learned how to conduct myself on the running of a business thanks to the “Nuts and Bolts” program. In my first year out of beauty school, I have retained more than 70% of new clientele. I am enjoying my success and want to grow more, thanks to the best training I received at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy.” ~ Nina Anselmo, Graduate


“I really enjoyed my time spent a Mitsu Sato Hair Academy. The education Mitsu provides has made me feel confident in my skills to go out and get the salon job I want!” ~ Caitline, Graduate


“Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is unique because unlike other schools, you have the constant training and watchful eye of Mitsu Sato himself. Come to this school if you want to make hairdressing more than your career. It is a passion and an art here because we know each concept and are constantly learning new ones.” ~ Hayley, Graduate


“While attending Mitsu Sato Hair Academy I was taught current trend, but also was educated on the basic foundations of doing hair. I love the atmosphere at the academy, it very much feels like a real salon. What I love the most is the fact that when you attend the academy you are part of a family. The instructors are amazing and extremely dedicated to creating excellent hair stylists” ~ Rosie, Graduate


“As a recent graduate of Mitsu Sato hair academy, I have found it easy to find a job. I have had the oppotunity to gain experience in various settings, including a fashion show, photo shoots, wedding parties and various other special events.” ~ Erin M., Graduate


“Mitsu Sato hair academy is a one of a kind school. They taught me precision cutting techniques, as well as the art involved in cosmetology. I learned how to look at a client as a canvas while enhancing complimentary features and disguising the less attractive ones. I’m proud to be able to incorporate precision cutting with the eye of an artist. These are techniques and training only found at Mitsu Sato’s Hair Academy.” ~ Stephanie S., Graduate


“I was looking for the best of the best in cosmetology schools in Kansas City and I found it at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy. The training I received was more than I expected. In fact, I am a better hairdresser as a recent graduate than many stylists that have been on the floor for years. When my new clients hear that I was trained at Mitsu’s Academy, they know him by reputation, so they are confident they will receive a great haircut and color; And, I am able to charge more for my cuts and colors than most new stylists!” ~ Izzie S., Graduate


As part of very first class at MSHA I can say with confidence that Mitsu and the other instructors gave me the best foundation for starting my career as a hair artist. I didn’t realize at the time that Mitsu’s cutting techniques would put me above the curve in the work place, and also help me understand what I would learn in my continued education. I am so thankful to have learned from such talented stylists, and I owe thanks to them for making me a success! ~Beckie Tuttle

Cosmetology Industry Testimonials

“It’s so nice to see a school teach students the business and leadership aspects of cosmetology. Upon graduation, Mitsu’s students know and understand where they are going and what they are doing! When they enter a professional salon, they are sure of what is expected of them as well as know the true knowledge of hair color and hair cutting.”         ~ Steve Lentz, Senior Account Executive, State Beauty Supply.

“The stylists I’ve met that have graduated from the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy have more advanced skills than anyone I’ve seen at that level in my thirty years as a salon owner. I’ve hired two past students, both of whom are eager to advance their already acquired skills. Mitsu’s long lived reputation has proven itself; he runs a great school.” ~ Gene Hendren, Owner, The Salon, Plaza