Top Beauty School Gifts to Get for Your Student

Top Beauty School Gifts Stockings

Top beauty school gifts range from practical to ludicrous, but one this is for certain, these gifts are going to get used! We gathered some of the items gals would love to see under the tree or in a stocking this year. Oddly enough, a lot of them can be found in the same place!

Top Beauty School Gifts to Make You Feel Beautiful

top beauty school gifts featured

  • Bath Bombs – Relax and feel good with all natural bath bombs. They smell really good and feel super nice after a long day on your feet. $9.50/each, Suite716. Starts at $4.95, Lush.
  • Forever Red Line – Love the perfume, lotion, shower gel, and cream available at Bath and Body Works. Have a whole regimen that soothes and relaxes the hard-working student on your list. Starts at $16.50, Bath and Body Works. Also on Amazon.
  • Lip gloss – Available at NYX, you can get some pretty, cheap, and good quality lip glosses, or matter lip creams. Available colors include London, Rome, Abu Dhabi, and Stockholm
  • Earrings – Look your best without getting your earring dangling all over clients. They are easy to get at Icing, or go DIY-ish with Etsy.
  • Cash – Probably the best gift! Go cash or gift card to a nice restaurant and treat them to something nice. What they do is hard work and sometimes being on the other end of that service industry. Somewhere between Olive Garden and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse sounds super yummy!
    • Some ideas would be Sephora and MAC gift cards!

Honorable Mentions


These are more so to help our gals (and guys) feel appreciated and get them to Netflix and unwind after a long day.

  • Fuzzy socks – with the cold weather, sometimes you just wanna get comfy with some nice socks and cuddle watching Gilmore Girls.
  • Chocolates – ummm…yes!
  • Energy Drinks – once upon a time, a client gave away a whole box of Red Bulls. ’nuff said.
  • Flowers – Cus, it’s good to also feel pretty.

Still on the look out for that perfect gift? Maybe a tour of Mitsu Sato will do just that. Set one up and ask our students what they would like for this Holiday season!