Trendy Haircuts in Kansas City: Betty Page Bangs

We are always looking for clients who want to try new and fun haircuts! Today we had the wonderful opportunity to cut and reshape Natalie’s hair.  One of the greatest perks of being a stylist is you are given the opportunity to do something unique and trendy, which can open you up to a world of creative possibilities. This is just one of the many things you should consider when deciding on a career in cosmetology! Not only can being a hair stylist be lucrative, it can also be a chance for you to expand your creative horizons and meet new people!  Our student Nichole has always had a great eye for unique and cutting edge styles, so naturally, she was a perfect match for Natalie!  Natalie said she was considering Betty Page bangs before she came in but wasn’t sure how she felt about them yet. During the consultation we discussed the look she was going for and she decided to make the plunge.  The result was STUNNING! Thank you Natalie for being our customer!


Nichole - Natalie Nichole - Natalie 1



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