Which Type of Hair Academy Student Are You?

As a beauty school student, there are many reasons why you chose to be in this industry. Hopefully one of the reasons is that you love making yourself and others feel beautiful and confident about their looks. These different reasons are what makes the beauty industry great and well worth the time and investment.

Just for fun, here are four beauty school student types as characters from the hit movie Mean Girls.

Regina George, the Queen Bee.

Popular Hair School Student
Beauty School Student Profile – Regina George. | Mean Girls WIki


You are the standard that all students look up to in the class. You’ve the beauty and the brains. All the guys coming in for haircuts come for you. Being the most popular cosmetology school student definitely has its perks and you are reaping all its benefits. You grab opportunities by the horn and for that you are going places.

Gretchen Wieners, Heir to the Throne.

Hair Design School student Gretchen Wieners
Greatchen Wieners is your friend that is so fetch | Mean Girls Wiki


We all know that her dad, the inventor of the toaster strudel, has a lot of clout. The difference is, this student wants to make it on her own. She works hard. She goes the extra mile. She wants to be on top. This beauty school student knows that if she wants to be successful, she has to give it all that she has. Things may look like it comes easy to her, but her Daddy taught her well and she wants to make him proud.

Karen Smith, the On-Air Talent.

talented makeup artist student
Talented Karen Smith | Mean Girls Wiki


This girl was born to be a cosmetologist. Practically a prodigy, this beauty school student is the teacher’s favorite. She loves to participate and share what she has learned with the rest of the class. She is always ready. She is always prepared. Maybe that’s what sets her apart. She has learned so much that she wants to share it with others.

Cady Heron, the Confident Beauty School Student.

Confident Hair Academy Student
Smile that confidence, beauty school student. | Mean Girls Wiki


She is a good mixture of the three previous beauty school student types. Her confidence comes from knowing that she is prepared and she has a lot riding in beauty school. Her knowledge is not boastful, nor is it condescending to her fellow students. She leads and people follow.

While Mean Girls may be about the craziness that is high school, this article shows that we can extract the good traits and apply it to your career in beauty. Mitsu Sato ensures that students feel that confidence, the surfacing of natural talent, the dedication to the course, and the application of what you learn in class into your daily life. Visit Mitsu Sato for a complete our of the facility, or to answer your questions about the characteristic that a beauty school needs to have to succeed.