What Does It Mean to be a Vidal Sassoon School?

Vidal Sassoon School. The brand is so strong that it lets you know that they are the best at what they do. But what sets us apart from other schools?

vidal sassoon school featured

In light of recent news about cosmetology schools, Mitsu Sato wants to make something clear- we are here to stay. Our world renowned curriculum is more than just a marketing ploy. Here’s what it means to be a Vidal Sassoon School.

Not a Chain

Unlike other schools, we are not a chain. Because we are not affiliated with any big companies, the decisions that we make reflect the needs of our students in whatever program that they are in. This allows for us to focus on the student’s success and not just numbers. It is the reason we are able to be a part of the community and really be entrenched in it.

Smaller Class Sizes

We believe that hands-on learning is important. We also believe that crowding many students in a classroom takes away from the students’ experience. You need more time with the instructor and to get to know your fellow students who work side by side with you.

vidal Sassoon School class

Vidal Sassoon School Connection

Upon graduation, students receive a certificate from the Sassoon Academy. The certificates states that the student has completed and mastered the techniques of Vidal Sassoon ABC cutting and coloring. Having this connection gives our students great advantage. Mitsu Sato is the only school in the area with this commendation. This expands the network of our students as they look for jobs in the area.

Part of the certification gives the students the opportunity to resources like resume building, interviewing, and personal success. It is a great help!

Community Focused

Mitsu Sato believes in the community. We host charity fashion shows to raise money for students. We bring in guest speakers from the community to share their experience with the students. We offer post-graduate training to our community of alumni. By building the community up, we ensure our place in it.

Because of these reasons, Mitsu Sato will continue to provide the best experience to its students. Come see for yourself what it means to be a Vidal Sassoon School and join us for a tour and meet our staff. We are definitely here to stay.