Why Choose a Nuts and Bolts Business School?

Nearly any cosmetology program can teach you the basic foundation of being a hairdresser, but can they provide you with the training you need to get a job after you graduate? This is the question you should be asking yourself as you decide on which cosmetology school to attend. You can give the best blow out, or be the fastest in your class at highlighting, but will any of that matter if you can’t get through a job interview? If you are going to invest in a lifetime career, be sure you are investing in an education that covers all aspects of your new cosmetology career. At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we go beyond the minimum requirements, and offer you the tools to not only preform great hair services, but build your own business.

What is a Nuts and Bolts Business School?

nuts and bolts business trainingWhether you want to work at a high end salon, rent your own booth, or even open your own salon, we provide you the tools you need to successful in whatever path you choose. That’s why we are proud to be a Nuts and Bolts Business school. Nuts and Bolts is the premier business training program for health and beauty professionals.  Their education programs give students the tools they need to be successful straight out of school.  From customer service, to retail sales, and even how to properly interview for a job, Nuts and Bolts Business Schools create well rounded hairstylists who know how to build their career.

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

After learning the basics of hairdressing and beyond, you need to know how to build your career as a stylist.  The first challenge of course is graduating from school with your skills honed enough to preform on your own.  Then comes the second biggest challenge, building your clientele.  Nuts and Bolts Business Schools teach you how to build business though getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You will learn how to approach potential new clients, give you current clients the best customer service possible, and how to be confident up selling services and products.  You will also learn how to interview for positions and work with other professionals in the field.  These are crucial elements to your overall success as a hair dresser, and something we are happy to guide you with.

Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Attending a Nuts and Bolts Business School will truly capitalize on your technical training giving you a competitive advantage in the job market. cosmetology business trainingWith greater self-confidence you will experience higher success rates while being on a faster track to management and salon ownership. With your skills, confidence, and knowledge of how to be a true professional, you’ll be more likely to stay in the industry longer, and make more money faster. Having a diploma in personal & business development with the help of Nuts & Bolts, will also benefit you in other fields as well!



Some of the biggest names in the cosmetology industry such as Vidal Sassoon and Wella, incorporate Nuts and Bolts training programs into their school curriculum.  When it comes to business training programs, Nuts and Bolts Business Schools are second to none. That’s why we are proud to offer you not only the best cosmetology education though Vidal Sassoon Cutting and coloring, and Wella education programs, but also through one of the most successful business training programs available.   Want to learn more about how attending a Nuts and Bolts training school can fast track you to success?  Give us a call at (913) 341- 7286 and set up a meeting with an admissions adviser today!