“Wonder Woman” is our Shero of Summer Style

When you think of strong, beautiful sheroes in our lifetime, I bet one of the first to pop in your head is Wonder Woman. We at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy believe in the art of beauty, empowerment, style and individuality!  So, it’s not surprising to us that the first big screen adaptation of “Wonder Woman” is a $600-million success (and counting!).


Strength, beauty, style= Gal Gadot!  The star of “Wonder Woman” is as fierce as she is fashionable. So, take a look at some of our favorite Wonderful hair and makeup choices that this boss of the box office has sported!

We have been talking about how the Wavy Lob is the cut of the summer and Ms. Gadot is Ga-spot on with this cut!


This amazing simple plait (braided pony) might seem more likely to be seen on a sand volleyball court than a red carpet but Ms. Gadot rocks it on the red!


This look is all about the lips (red, white and hue!)!  Her amazing makeup is the golden lasso of truth about how powerful a woman can be with simple style and an elegant flair!

All of these super hero looks – from hair to make-up – can be achieved at the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy and our professional salon “Atelier.”

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