You Might be in Cosmetology School if…

cosmetology schoolYou’re starting to notice everyone’s roots.

If you’re starting to notice strangers regrowth and pointing out bad haircuts, you might be in cosmetology school. As students learn more and more about proper haircutting and coloring techniques, they start to differentiate those who have a great hair, and those they wish they could get their hands on.   If you decide to attend cosmetology school, prepare to never see hair the same EVER AGAIN.  Don’t be surprised if to are listening to someone talking, and get distracted as you notice their overgrown bangs!

You’re running on coffee and quick meals.

If you’re dependent on coffee and inhaling quick meals whenever you have time, you might be in Cosmetology school.  When we say we prepare you to be a hairstylist here at Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we mean it. And if you ask any hairstylist when the last time they sat down for a full meal was, prepare to hear laughter.  Even students who aren’t taking clients yet find themselves scarfing down food as the study for their next test, or finish doing a fellow classmate’s hair. All while asking when
the next pot of coffee is going to be done brewing.  As you fall in love with hair dressing and makeup artistry, you start to forget about basic necessities such as eating, drinking and going to the bathroom.  It’s easy to get in the zone when you are doing something you love!

You’re unable to go in public without having your hair done.

If you refuse to leave the house with just a simple ponytail, you might be in Cosmetology school. After Cosmetology school changes your perspective on hair, you begin to have some pretty high standards for your own hair and how you do it.   Don’t be surprised if you just don’t feel yourself when going out without at least a few bobby pins placed strategically in your hair.   Not only will you always want to have your hair done in some way, you will also be somewhat irritated by the sight of your own regrowth, and the fading of your color.  After graduating from cosmetology school, be prepared to tack on a big chunk of time to your morning routines. After all, clients are much more likely to trust someone with their hair, if the stylist’s hair looks flawless!

You’re going places you’ve never gone before with your makeup.

If you now find yourself spending a ridiculous amount of time on your eyebrows, you might be in Cosmetology school.  Some students enter thebeauty school program with a vast knowledge of cosmetics, while others are totally in the dark.  As you learn about various methods for applying makeup, and all the different types of products available, you may quickly find yourself a full blown makeup addict.  Plus with all the live demonstrations, and makeup of fellow classmates to inspire you, you’ll start trying things you’ would have never tried before!  Before long you’ll hardly recognize yourself without makeup, so be prepared to tack on even MORE time to your morning routine!



So if you love being creative, meeting new people, learning the latest trends and techniques, and working in a fast paced and fulfilling environment, you might just be in cosmetology school! Looking to experience the exciting life of a Cosmetology student?  Give us a call at (913) 341 – 7286 and find out how you can start your new career in Cosmetology today!