10 Hairstyle Trends to Make Your First Day Back-to-School an A-Plus!

Back-to-School is right around the corner so we thought we’d help you get ahead of the bell curve and start planning your looks for a fabulous Fall. Here are some of our favorite trends”

The New Taylor Hair

Hi, Taylor can’t come to the phone right now because this model stole her hair and now others want it too. If you have curls (and this bone structure) jump in our stylist’s chair and bring this photo, like, yesterday.

The “Oh My God They’re Back” Scrunchies

Most of us thought we’d never see our tried and true friend the scrunchie ever again. But, as with all things wonderful, scrunchies are back and we think they are totally tubular..

The Studded Pearl Clips

Never stop trying to make hair accessories happen, and thanks to these pearl and stud barrettes, our job just got that much easier.

The Timeless Pony

This would be classy now, in the seventies, and in medieval times, which you can’t say about most things.

The Gold Barrettes a la Kate Middleton

We can’t all be Kate Middleton, but we can get this regal vibe easy enough. Throw on some gold hair accessories and call it a day.

The Dirty Dancing Curls

I’m sure Abigail Breslin’s hair did the best it could in the Dirty Dancing remake, but this does the original proud. This is the 2018 version and no one puts Baby Curls in the corner.

The DIY But Expensive Parts

Something tells us, if we went to the craft store to try and copy this, it wouldn’t look half as good as it does here. But aren’t  you excited to try it?!

The Smooth as Silk Braids

The gentle texture of these layered braids looks so smooth and effortless that you want to reach out and touch them.

Slick Woods’ Buzz Cut

Heck yes to seeing not just short hair€”but buzzed hair€”represented on the runways. So, short is all the rage but it’s the buzz that really has people talking.

The Untidy, Ethereal Waves

If you want to transform into a windblown wood nymph with flowers caught in  your hair…

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