5 Tips to Protect Your Hair from Summer Sun and Outdoor Fun

Sun. Chlorine. Heat. Salt Water. Sand. All the things that play a part in our lives when we’re enjoying everything summer also can play a role in damaging our skin and hair. Here are 5 tips to protect your hair so all you have to worry about is having an amazing time outside and letting your summer goddess shine!

Wear a Hat!

A sassy hat can help protect your hair from the damaging heat of the sun. It will help protect the color as well as keep moisture in your hair to avoid drying and breakage. Plus, it’s good for your skin!

Seal it!

If you’re going to be swimming in the pool or in salt water, you want to seal as much moisture in your hair as possible before diving in. A good way to do this is to wet your hair completely and then apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair before you go swimming. This way, your hair absorbs the conditioner first before absorbing the chlorine or salt.

Fight Frizz

Humidity can turn a little frizz into a total disaster. Use products that feature Moroccan oil which is the best way to fight frizz any time of the year.

Air Dry

We beat up our hair every time we blow dry it so we don’t want to double the heat during the summer. Try to air dry your hair this season as often as possible. If you absolutely have to blow dry it, then at least save enough time that you can air dry it for even 30 minutes before turning on the heat.

Natural Radiance

For all-natural radiance, grab apple cider vinegar, which removes product buildup and closes the cuticle so light better reflects off hair. Mix one cup water with two tablespoons ACV in a spray bottle. After shampooing, mist it on and massage. Rinse after three minutes, then apply conditioner.

For more tips on how to be your most beautiful this summer, stop in and we’ll help you pick your summer colors and cut!

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