Mitsu Sato Hair Academy Teaches You The Nuts and Bolts of Success

At Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, we provide you the skills to be an amazing stylist, but we also give you the tools to create a successful business through our “Nuts & Bolts” program.


Not all schools provide a business-training program as part of its tuition costs, but we do. Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is a member of an elite group of schools that offers technical training, as well as business training. We prepare you to find business success right out of the gate. And our graduates see the pay-off!


“Going to Mitsu Sato Hair Academy really prepared me for my career as a professional hair stylist,” said graduate Nena Anselmo. “I was so advanced in many aspects of hair services. Not only did I learn beyond the basics of cutting and coloring, but I learned how to conduct myself on the running of a business thanks to the “Nuts & Bolts” program.”


Our training programs are designed to help you capitalize on the wonderful technical skills you learn, while preparing you to build your business fast and make money immediately. Here is a summary of some of the business-building skills you’ll learn through our “Nuts & Bolts” program:

  • Successful Retailing
  • One-on-One Relationships & Networking
  • Client Retention & WOW Factor
  • Building & Driving Business
    and more!


In other words — unlike most other programs — when you graduate from Mitsu Sato Hair Academy, you’ll be graduating with a degree in professional, personal and business development!  So if you want a competitive advantage in the job market, a faster track to management, the ability to make more money faster, and the self-confidence of success, then Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is the place for you!


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