The Fab History of Cosmetology and Defining the Art of Beauty

Make-up and fashion, especially in entertainment and pop culture, have set the trends for decades. But did you know “cosmetology” has been around for centuries?

It is said, the first people to mix ingredients and apply them to faces as a “decoration” were the Egyptians. And ever since, people have been focused on the chemistry, application and outcome of how to create beauty for its day.

Max Factor, a real human being who was the makeup artist for many of female stars in Hollywood’s Golden Age, turned his craft into an aspirational brand for the “every day woman.”

Also during that time, 19-year-old T.L. Williams discovered that Vaseline could be used as a key ingredient in creating makeup for women. With an older sister named Mabel, and utilizing this key ingredient in the company’s


first mascara, Williams created Maybelline. A powerhouse brand in the art of beauty still today.

Probably most interesting and unknown is the story of Madam C.J. Walker, who was the first female self-made millionaire. She built her business on cosmetics, beauty and hair products for black women.

And it was all trend-establishing fabulousness after that: from flapper style and ’50s fashion to ’70s feathered haired, ’90s goth makeup and today’s individual style.

While the field is showing a demand in trend-specific specializations, cosmetology as an industry is projected to continue its rise as a career of +10% by 2024.

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